About Southern Arizona Blues In The Schools

Blues in the Schools offers the opportunity for students to engage in a multidisciplinary educational program centered on the history and cultural diversity of blues music.  The project has three areas of focus:   

We provide outreach educational programs in local schools that start with the birth of the blues when African and European forms of music first melded together to form a new and emotionally powerful form of creative expression, through the history of the blues and its influences on American culture and world music. The blues provides a vehicle to discuss our sometimes painful history of racial issues and our future together in this country. 

We offer opportunities for young people to perform music in professional settings and learn from award winning musicians, including the chance to open the Blues Heritage Festival since 2013.  For five years we have held the annual Youth Blues, Jazz, and Pop Showcase that starts with afternoon breakout sessions with respected local musicians on specialties like vocals, rhythm, harmonica, guitar, and songwriting.  In the evening, the public is invited to enjoy performances by bands representing area schools as well as young artists as solo or combo acts. 

We encourage young people to learn music by connecting music teachers and students, helping families in need afford musical instruments and equipment, and providing positive examples of people of all ages sharing the joy of music.

Chairperson:  Rita Flattley
Contact: info@azblues.org

Tucson Youth Music Center

CATALYST is partnering with Tucson Youth Music Center to bring free weekly music lessons for underserved families in the community! Tucson Youth Music Center (TYMC) provides comprehensive weekly free music lessons to teach students how to play a musical instrument as well as, proper technique, repertoire, sight-reading, music theory, ear training, performance, and music appreciation. All necessary materials are provided to qualifying school-age children, pre-K through 12. TYMC music teachers are an extraordinary group of musicians who bring compassion and understanding to the life transforming power of music education.

Monday – Wednesday 2pm – 6pm 

Support, volunteer, or see if your child qualifies for lessons by visiting the Tucson Youth Music Center website: 

Tucson Youth Music Center – TSWA (tucsonyouthmusic.org)
Email: info@tucsonyouthmusic.org
Phone: 520-975-3787